Masters Level Applicants

Greetings prospective Master's level students!

Thank you for your interest in study in the M.Div., MA, Post-Graduate Diploma in Theology  and Post-Graduate Diploma in Anglican Studies programs at Virginia Theological Seminary. 

Virginia Seminary's admissions process is a modified "rolling admissions". Applications are received, interviews held and offers of admission are made throughout the academic year (September through May). We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as you are able, and for those in an ordination process in the Episcopal Church, as soon as you have received diocesan permission to do so.  Those who wait until the final May 1 deadline to submit their applications will likely not be able to visit campus and have their interviews before the end of classes.  Financial Aid and Residence Hall space are less assured the later one applies.

This page contains all the information and forms that you will need to assemble a complete application to the M.Div. and MA degree programs, to the Post-Graduate Diploma in Anglican Studies program  and Post-Graduate Diploma in Theology programs at Virginia Theological Seminary.
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The basic application form can be completed electronically on-line. Click here for instructions and the application form link.  Information about supporting documents for the application process are also posted.

You will be responsible for requesting and collecting transcripts, letters of recommendation and other materials. Please read all instructions carefully.  A $75.00 application fee is part of the application.
NOTE if you anticipate applying for FINANCIAL AID:  You can begin applying for financial aid as you are also completing the admissions process.  We understand that you may not be able to gather all the required materials for the financial aid application, such as a copy of your tax return,  until the spring.  However, you should be in touch with our financial aid office as soon as possible.  Applications should be mailed to the attention of the Director of Financial Aid and Housing.  Please do NOT include these forms with your application packet.  Information and application forms for financial aid can be found in the "Student Financial Services" tab on the website. 

If you have any questions about our programs of study or the application process we encourage you to be in touch. Please call the admissions office at 703-461-1951 or contact us by email at

Janice Sienkiewicz
Director of Admissions

Rachel Holm
Assistant Director for Admissions and Financial Aid

Click here to request information or plan a visit.  The information and visit planning form will be found in a link on the right-hand side of the next page.
General Information
GRE Requirement

Scheduling Visits and Interviews

Tips For Mailing Your Application Materials

Admissions and Deadlines

Assembling the Application Materials
Final Deadlines
May 1 is the final date by which complete application packets must be received from those US citizens planning to enter the M.Div., MA, Anglican Studies, and Diploma in Theology programs in the following August term/Fall semester.  We STRONGLY encourage you to apply as early as possible  especially if you will want to be considered for a residence hall room.

December 1 is the deadline for international applicants wishing to begin study in a Master's level program in the following August term/Fall Semester. This deadline applies to applicants who are not US citizens and are not currently residing in the United States

January 15 is the application deadline
for those applying to the Doctor of Ministry in Educational Leadership program that begins in early summer.

July 1 is the application deadline for those applying to begin the DMin in Ministry Development and the DMin in Christian Spirituality in the following January

October 1
for those beginning the MA, Anglican Studies and Diploma in Theology programs in the Spring term.