Wednesday, November 27, 2013

As our Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Rev. Dr. Melody Knowles, presented the item to the Academic Affairs Committee, she spoke movingly about the ways in which faculty can be recognized by an institution. She explained that beyond tenure and movement from assistant to associate to full professor, the highest accolade that an institution can bestow is the invitation to occupy an endowed chair. This is the moment when a professor is recognized as a national figure in her or his field. So after appropriate deliberation, the Academic Affairs Committee recommended to the full Board the following chairs.

The Meade Chair in Biblical Interpretation to be held by the Rev. Dr. Anne Katherine Grieb. The Arthur Carl Lichtenberger Chair in Pastoral Theology and Continuing Education to be held by the Rev. Dr. James Barney Hawkins IV. The Arthur Lee Kinsolving Chair in Pastoral Theology to be held by the Rev. Dr. Joyce Mercer. The William Meade Chair in Systematic Theology to be held by the Rev. Dr. Katherine Sonderegger and the Molly Laird Downs Chair in New Testament to be held by the Rev. Dr. John Yieh.

In every case, the Board was presented with a rich justification to these appointments. Without exception, all had published significant works and served the Church with distinction. The Board was pleased to vote in favor of the resolution that authorized these chairs. Please do join me in congratulating our faculty on this appropriate recognition.

The Very Rev Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President