Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Along with many others, my wife and I have added Virginia Theological Seminary into our estate plans. After all, none of us can take the money with us. And, as we remember family and friends, it is important to remember those institutions that we love. Today I am pleased to announce that we have new leadership of our Francis Scott Key Society (Francis Scott Key provided for the Seminary in his will). Mrs. Mary Lewis Hix, former vice president for administration and finance, will be joined by the Rev. James M. L. Grace (class of 2005), canon for Christian formation at Christ Church Cathedral in Houston to lead the society.

Mary and Jimmy are succeeding Bishop Ted Eastman and Mrs. Marnie Trotter. The Society was officially formed in 2004. Since then, 400 members have joined and more than $7,000,000 have come to the Seminary through bequests. These gifts keep the Seminary strong. They enable us to continue to provide an effective experience of formation for ministry.  Without these gifts through this difficult economic season, the experience would have been much harder. The Society strives to encourage others to support the Seminary in this important way.

I am very grateful to both Mary and Jimmy. Mary was a distinguished servant of the Seminary; she was part of a leadership team that took a strong institution and kept it strong. Jimmy is a faithful alum, who is making a difference in an important and vibrant congregation. We value their willingness to do this work for the Seminary.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President